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Europe's westcoast is an Atlantic land of sea, sun and surfing, says a tourist slogan. Portugal is a country of open, creative and welcoming people. We've got deep inside a peculiar melancholic, emotional mixture which make us sing soulful "fados". Sometimes you may think we are sad, but we're only feeling "saudade", which is not exactly the same, at all. So, perhaps you're no clearer in placing Portugal geographically or emotionally, but no doubt you can find towns with rich cultural life, lively traditional events, good food, beautiful weather (...), reasonable prices and no hassle. Why should you ask for anything else...?

Espinho | Town Hall

Meet Espinho, our town.

Porto and Alto Douro

 Movie produced by the Spanish TVE about Porto and the North of Portugal. In Spanish.

Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal,

won the online voting of "Best European Destination 2012"!

We are very proud! 


Take a look at this beautiful town only 15 minutes away from Espinho (our town).



Famous Portuguese artists, musicians and sportsmen

Portuguese composers

created by Joana Pereira and Joel Pinto, class 8A2

Portuguese typical instruments

Glogster made by Cândida Rocha, class 7B2


Glogster made by António Rodrigues, class 7B2


Glogster made by Andriy Danylyuk, class 7B2 (Andriy was born in Ukraine)


Glogster made by Emanuel Novo, class 7B2

Portuguese traditional dances and costumes

 Made by Alexandre Tavares, class 7A2


Made by PT Bruno Santos, class 7A2


 Made by Joel Viela, class 7A2


Glogster made by Jorge Graça, Mário Costa and Pedro Monteiro, class 7A


Glogster made by Adriana Gomes and Ana Freitas, class 7A2



Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity




Museu do Fado


Portal do Fado

What is Fado?


Fado in Wikipedia


*Fado  (=fate) 

Portugal through Polish eyes

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Portuguese cuisine